Artdirection: Johanna Ballweg
Idea/Skript: Johanna Ballweg
Sounddesign: Friedrich Andreoni
Voice: Amani Gonzo

'Perception Of An (Un)Dressed Body' is one experiment of many processing 'Perception'. 
At a time when the visual, through the presence of moving and still images, is more dominant than ever before, a question about the relevance of the remaining sensory perceptions arises. What value can be attached to each of the senses in relation to clothing and ultimately fashion? Which evaluation criteria arises in each case? How do we perceive and consider something as clothing and fashion? And what is this telling us about physical and social body today?
In addition to dealing with this topics, the intention of the research on 'Perception' is inevitably the negotiation of the fashion-body relationship. The covering and discovering of body through the medium of clothing forms the focus of the question "What, how and by what means is 'fashion'?". Along the different senses, this question becomes experimentally pursued.

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