memories in a room (3)

stainless steel (cad)
dimensions variable
35 x 37,5 cm / 17 x 37 cm / 35 x 42 cm / 28 x 38 cm / 46,5 x 44 cm 
For this work the organic forms of shadows of a clothesline are lasered into stainless steel. Intuitively carved images in wood are juxtaposed.

2do: FEST is a series of events that displays traditional practices from both – rural and metropolitan areas. The flexible definitions of "tradition" and "folklore" are explored by young artists working in Berlin. In the confusion of art exhibition and event, the multimedia works are intended to discuss personal and social customs. The various cultural backgrounds of the artists and artistic directors flow creatively into the respective "FEST" of the series. The focus of the first event is the process of human memory formation, especially with regard to its flexible nature. The consequence of this is the emergence of constantly changing and distorted memory structures. In the “third room” opened by the event, artists and guests should be able to examine their personal and collective memories of traditions and cultural customs. Apparently solid constructions of memory are stirred up, places of longing are examined for nostalgia and blurriness.

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